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IDT Corporation (NYSE:IDT)
Q3 2019 Earnings Conference Call
June 05, 2019, 17:30 PM ET






Shmuel Jonas - CEO

  • Shmuel Jonas - 首席执行官


Good day, everyone, and welcome to the IDT Corporation's Third Quarter Fiscal Year 2019 Earnings Call. In today's presentation, IDT's management will discuss IDT's financial and operational results for the three-month period ended April 30, 2019.
During prepared remarks by IDT's Chief Executive Officer, Shmuel Jonas, all participants will be in listen-only mode. [Operator Instructions]. After the prepared remarks, Marcelo Fischer, IDT's Chief Financial Officer will join Mr. Jonas for Q&A. [Operator Instructions].
Any forward-looking statements made during this conference call, either in the prepared remarks or in the Q&A session, whether general or specific in nature, are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those that the company anticipates.
These risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to, specific risks and uncertainties discussed in the report that IDT files periodically with the SEC. IDT assumes no obligation either to update any forward-looking statements that they have made or may make, or to update the factors that may cause actual results to differ materially from those that they forecast.
In their presentation or in the Q&A that will follow, IDT's management may make reference to non-GAAP measures, including adjusted EBITDA, non-GAAP net income, and non-GAAP EPS. A schedule provided in the IDT earnings release reconciles adjusted EBITDA, non-GAAP net income and non-GAAP EPS to the nearest corresponding GAAP measures.
Please note that the IDT earnings release is available on the Investor Relations' page of the IDT Corporation Web site and that’s The earnings release has also been filled on Form 8-K with the SEC.
And with that, I would now like to turn the conference over to Mr. Jonas. Please go ahead.

  • 大家好,欢迎来到IDT公司2019财年第三季度的收益电话会议。在今天的演讲中,IDT的管理层将讨论IDT在截至2019年4月30日的三个月期间的财务和运营业绩。
  • 在IDT首席执行官Shmuel Jonas的准备发言中,所有与会者都将采用只听模式。 [操作员说明]。在准备好的评论之后,IDT的首席财务官Marcelo Fischer将加入Jonas先生的问答环节。 [操作员说明]。
  • 在本次电话会议期间,无论是在一般会议还是在具体问题的会议期间发表的任何前瞻性陈述均受风险和不确定因素的影响,这些风险和不确定因素可能导致实际结果与公司预期的结果大不相同。
  • 这些风险和不确定性包括但不限于IDT定期向美国证券交易委员会提交的报告中讨论的特定风险和不确定性。 IDT没有义务更新他们已经或可能做出的任何前瞻性陈述,或更新可能导致实际结果与他们预测的结果大不相同的因素。
  • 在其发布或随后的问答中,IDT的管理层可能会参考非GAAP指标,包括调整后的EBITDA,非GAAP净收入和非GAAP EPS。 IDT收益发布中提供的时间表将调整后的EBITDA,非GAAP净收入和非GAAP每股收益调整为最接近的相应GAAP指标。
  • 请注意,IDT收益版本可在IDT Corporation网站的投资者关系页面上找到,该页面为。表格8-K还向美国证券交易委员会填写了财报。
  • 有了这个,我现在想把会议转交给乔纳斯先生。请继续。

Shmuel Jonas

Thank you, operator. Welcome to IDT's third quarter fiscal year 2019 earnings call covering results for the three-month period ended April 30, 2019. For a more detailed report on our results, please read our earnings release filed earlier today and our Form 10-Q which we will file with the SEC.
IDT’s third quarter results were consistent with recent trends. Although revenue was down substantially, we were able to maintain gross profit while continuing to invest in our growth initiatives. We increased revenue less direct cost of revenue in the third quarter compared to the third quarter of fiscal 2018 and have generated year-over-year increases in revenue less direct cost of revenue for six of the last seven quarters.
We have been rapidly reallocating resources from our core offerings. This approach has allowed us to maintain consolidated SG&A in a tight range between $49.5 million and $51 million for each of the past five quarters. We were able to increase adjusted EBITDA 10% year-over-year to $8.9 million in the third quarter and to increase income from operations to $2.7 million from a loss from operations of $1.7 million in the year-ago quarter.
Our growth initiatives continue to perform well. net2phone’s unified communications business generated $6.7 million in revenue this quarter compared to $3.7 million a year ago. The net2phone team has done a great job. As of April 30, net2phone served 89,000 seats. National Retail Solutions revenue increased 32% year-over-year to $1.5 million, and our POS network now serves over 7,000 independent retailers around the country. BOSS Revolution money transfer revenue increased 34% year-over-year to $6.1 million.
The growth was generated entirely by direct-to-consumer transactions originated predominately from our app. DTC revenue increased 98% year-over-year and now contributes about two-thirds of our money transfer revenue. Between agency [ph] transactions initiated by solution retailers, we are now well executing well over 300,000 transactions a month. Our MVNO continued to improve its message as we emphasize online acquisition.
IDT and Tigo Honduras reached an agreement which is patented as our successful deal with Tigo Guatemala over some minutes and gross profit along the U.S.-Honduras border while providing customers with more options for international long distance calling. U.S.-Honduras border is not as heavily traffic as the U.S.-Guatemala border, but substantial nonetheless.
Overall, we head into the fourth quarter in a strong position. We still face challenges on multiple fronts, but our team deserves great credit for the considerable progress we have made diversifying our sources of revenue and margin.
Thank you very much. That concludes my remarks. Now, Marcel and I will be happy to take your questions.

谢谢运营商。欢迎阅读IDT 2019财年第三季度财报,涵盖截至2019年4月30日的三个月期间的业绩。有关我们业绩的更详细报告,请阅读我们今天早些时候提交的财报以及我们将提供的10-Q表格。向SEC提交文件。



我们的增长计划继续表现良好。 net2phone的统一通信业务本季度收入为670万美元,而去年同期为370万美元。 net2phone团队做得很好。截至4月30日,net2phone服务了89,000个席位。全国零售解决方案收入同比增长32%至150万美元,我们的POS网络现在为全国7,000多家独立零售商提供服务。 BOSS革命转账收入同比增长34%至610万美元。

增长完全是由主要来自我们的应用程序的直接面向消费者的交易产生的。 DTC收入同比增长98%,现在占我们汇款收入的三分之二左右。在解决方案零售商发起的代理[ph]交易之间,我们现在每月执行超过300,000笔交易。当我们强调在线收购时,我们的MVNO继续改进其信息。

IDT和Tigo洪都拉斯签署了一项协议,该协议获得专利,因为我们与Tigo危地马拉成功达成协议,在美国 - 洪都拉斯边境的几分钟和毛利润,同时为客户提供更多的国际长途电话选择。美国 - 洪都拉斯边境的交通量不如美国 - 危地马拉边境,但仍然很大。




We will now begin the question-and-answer session. [Operator Instructions].

我们现在开始问答环节。 [操作员说明]。


Okay. And there look to be no questions at this time. So this will conclude our question-and-answer session as well as today's conference call. Just want to thank you all for attending today's presentation and you may now disconnect your lines.

好的。 而且此时似乎没有任何问题。 因此,这将结束我们的问答环节以及今天的电话会议。 只是想感谢大家参加今天的演讲,你现在可能会断开你的界限。


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