Predictive Oncology Inc.(POAI) 首席执行官 Carl Schwartz 在 2019年 第二季度业绩 - 收益电话会议记录

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Predictive Oncology Inc. (NASDAQ:POAI) Q2 2019 Results Earnings Conference Call August 19, 2019 5:30 PM ET

Predictive Oncology Inc.(纳斯达克股票代码:[POAI])2019年第二季度业绩收益电话会议2019年8月19日美国东部时间下午5:30


Scott Gordon - IR, CORE IR
Carl Schwartz - President and CEO
Bob Myers - CFO
Gerald Vardzel - President of Helomics
Amelia Warner - COO of Helomics

  • Scott Gordon - IR,CORE IR
  • Carl Schwartz - 总裁兼首席执行官
  • Bob Myers - 首席财务官
  • Gerald Vardzel - Helomics总裁
  • Amelia Warner - Helomics的首席运营官


Jason Kolbert - Dawson James

  • 杰森科尔伯特 - 道森詹姆斯


Good afternoon, and welcome to the Predictive Oncology Earnings Conference Call for the Second Quarter Ending June 30, 2019. All participants will be in a listen-only mode. [Operator Instructions] Participants of this call are advised that the audio of this conference call is being broadcast live over the Internet and is also being recorded for playback purposes. A replay of the call will be available approximately one hour after the end of the call through July 31, 2019.
I would now like to turn the conference call over to Scott Gordon, President of CORE IR, the Company's Investor Relations firm. Please go ahead, sir.

下午好,欢迎参加2019年6月30日结束的第二季度预测肿瘤学收益电话会议。所有参与者都将采用只听模式。 [操作员说明]建议本次电话会议的与会者通过互联网直播该电话会议的音频,并进行录制以进行播放。 电话会议结束后大约一小时到2019年7月31日重播电话会议。

我现在想把电话会议转交给公司投资者关系公司CORE IR的总裁斯科特戈登。 请继续,先生。


Thank you, Ben, and thank you all for joining today's conference call to discuss Predictive Oncology's corporate developments and financial results for the second quarter ending June 30, 2019.
With us today are Dr. Carl Schwartz, Company's Chief Executive Officer; and Bob Myers, the Company's Chief Financial Officer, Gerald Vardzel; President of Helomics, Amelia Warner, COO of Helomics. At 5:15 P.M. Eastern Time today, Predictive Oncology released financial results for the second quarter ending June 30, 2019. If you have not received Predictive Oncology's earnings release, please visit the Investors page at
During the course of this conference call, the company will be making forward-looking statements. The company cautions you that any statement that is not a statement of historical fact is a forward-looking statement. This includes any projections of earnings, revenues, cash or other statements relating to the company's future financial results.
Any statements about plans, strategies or objectives of management for future operations, any statements concerning proposed new products or services, any statements regarding anticipated new relationships or agreements, any statements regarding expectations for the success of the company's products and services in the U.S. and international markets, any statements regarding future economic conditions or performance, statements of belief and any statements of assumptions underlying any of the foregoing.
These statements are based on expectations and assumptions as of the date of this conference call and are subject to numerous risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those described in the forward-looking statements. Some of these risks are described in the section of today's press release titled Cautionary Note on forward-looking statements and in the public periodic reports the company files with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Investors or potential investors should read these risks.
Predictive Oncology assumes no obligation to update these forward-looking statements to reflect future events or actual outcomes and does not intend to do so. It is now my pleasure to turn the call over to Dr. Carl Schwartz, CEO of Predictive Oncology. Dr. Schwartz?

感谢Ben,感谢大家参加今天的电话会议,讨论2019年6月30日结束的第二季度Predictive Oncology的企业发展和财务业绩。

今天和我们一起是公司首席执行官Carl Schwartz博士;和公司首席财务官鲍勃迈尔斯(Gerald Vardzel); Helomics总裁,Amelia Warner,Helomics首席运营官。下午5:15今日东部时间,Predictive Oncology公布了截至2019年6月30日的第二季度财务业绩。如果您尚未收到Predictive Oncology的收益发布,请访问投资者页面。




Predictive Oncology没有义务更新这些前瞻性陈述以反映未来事件或实际结果,并且不打算这样做。现在,我很高兴将这一呼吁转交给Predictive Oncology首席执行官Carl Schwartz博士。施瓦茨博士?

Carl Schwartz

Thank you, Scott. Welcome everyone and thank you for joining today's conference. Predictive Oncology focuses on applying its smart tumor profiling, an AI platform, to extensive genomic and biomarker patient data sets to predict clinical outcomes.
Today, we are proud to announce initiation of our new corporate focus CancerQuest 2020. The goal of our CancerQuest 2020 is to partner with pharmaceutical companies to bring more effective therapies to patients in realtime.
Jerry Vardzel, of our Helomics division will describe how recently signed projects fit into tactical business plan for CancerQuest 2020. Then Amelia Warner, COO of Helomics will show how she could leverage these projects to partner with pharmaceutical companies. Then our CFO, Bob Myers will preview and review the quarterly financials.
As we focus our – shift our focus to Helomics, our second goal is to monetize the value of our STREAMWAY business. To build a roadmap for we have engaged a firm to help us understand the value of the STREAMWAY business as a standalone entity or in combination with industry player. We are currently involved in sensitive discussions and cannot comment further on the developments at this time.
I would like to turn this call over to Jerry Vardzel of Helomics and for his comment. Jerry?

谢谢你,斯科特。欢迎大家,感谢您参加今天的会议。 Predictive Oncology专注于将其智能肿瘤分析(AI平台)应用于广泛的基因组和生物标记物患者数据集,以预测临床结果。

今天,我们很自豪地宣布启动我们新的企业焦点CancerQuest 2020.我们的CancerQuest 2020的目标是与制药公司合作,为患者实时提供更有效的治疗。

我们的Helomics部门的Jerry Vardzel将描述最近签署的项目如何适合CancerQuest 2020的战术业务计划。然后,Helomics首席运营官Amelia Warner将展示如何利用这些项目与制药公司合作。然后我们的首席财务官Bob Myers将预览和审查季度财务报告。

在我们专注于我们 - 将我们的重点转移到Helomics时,我们的第二个目标是将我们的STREAMWAY业务的价值货币化。为我们建立一个路线图,我们聘请了一家公司帮助我们了解STREAMWAY业务作为独立实体或与行业参与者结合的价值。我们目前正参与敏感讨论,目前无法对发展情况作进一步评论。

我想把这个电话转给Helomics的Jerry Vardzel并征求他的意见。杰瑞?

Gerald Vardzel

Thanks Carl. Today it’s my pleasure to frame our corporate initiative CancerQuest 2020. There are four drivers of this initiative that are critical valuation drivers for the company going forward.
Before I explain the initiative, let me briefly recap the foundation on which we're launching the program. Predictive Oncology has two unique assets from its acquisition of Helomics.
First, a clinically validated patient-derived tumor profiling platform, which has had over $200 million invested in it. This platform generates drug response and biomarker profile and it was clinically validated in ovarian cancer.
Importantly, this asset can be leverage both to generate new data, as well as generate additional and deeper information on existing samples. Second, our existing database has drug response and biomarker profiles of over 150,000 tumors and that is across a 137 cancer types that has been obtained from over 10 plus years of clinical testing.
Now, let me introduce CancerQuest 2020. There are four steps in executing on this plan. Number one, we are validating our first AI-driven predictive model in ovarian cancer by leveraging our recently signed collaboration with UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital.
This will provide retrospective data on outcomes from over 400 patients that already have their drug – tumor drug response tested at Helomics. This will also generate deeper genomic data. Dr. Mark Collins is leading this initiative.
Number two; following our recently signed collaboration with Interpace Diagnostics, we are analyzing their clinical testing to develop AI-driven predictive models of indolent and aggressive thyroid cancer. Dr. Mark Collins is also leading this initiative.
Third, we are expanding our predictive models to lung. This is accomplished through our [reach back] [ph] program to key clinical centers. I am personally leading this initiative. Fourth, Dr. Amelia Warner, our Chief Operating Officer is focused on monetizing the first three steps by partnering with pharmaceutical companies following the capital market's plan of Foundation Medicine and Roche.
As part of these drug discovery programs, we intend to offer an additional way for new drugs to be tested against various cancers with our TumorGenesis system. The system is being design to allow new drugs to be tested against tumors created in the lab that more closely mimic the behavior in the patient.
I am very happy to report that we have made significant progress in advancing CancerQuest 2020. First, Helomics recently announced a joint collaborative agreement with UPMC to study the use of artificial intelligence to improve clinical decision-making for ovarian cancer patients.
Second, Helomics with Interpace Diagnostics are modeling Interpace's existing clinical data to identify new drugs for treatment of indolent and aggressive thyroid cancers. Next, Helomics signed the collaborative research agreement with the Pittsburgh-based company based on molecular imaging, ChemImage to better determine disease progression in prostate cancer.

谢谢卡尔。今天,我很高兴能够制定我们的企业计划CancerQuest 2020.该计划有四个驱动因素,是公司未来的关键估值驱动因素。

在我解释这个倡议之前,让我简要回顾一下我们启动该计划的基础。 Predictive Oncology从收购Helomics获得了两项独特的资产。



现在,让我介绍一下CancerQuest 2020.执行此计划有四个步骤。第一,我们利用我们最近与UPMC Magee-Womens医院签署的合作,验证了我们在卵巢癌中首次采用人工智能驱动的预测模型。

这将提供有关400多名患者的结果的回顾性数据,这些患者已经在Helomics测试了他们的药物 - 肿瘤药物反应。这也将产生更深的基因组数据。马克柯林斯博士领导这项计划。

第二;在我们最近与Interpace Diagnostics签署合作后,我们正在分析他们的临床测试,以开发人工驱动的惰性和侵袭性甲状腺癌预测模型。 Mark Collins博士也领导了这项计划。

第三,我们正在将预测模型扩展到肺部。这是通过我们[重返] [ph]计划到关键临床中心来实现的。我亲自领导这项倡议。第四,我们的首席运营官Amelia Warner博士专注于根据资本市场的Foundation Medicine和Roche计划与制药公司合作,实现前三个步骤的货币化。


我很高兴地报告说,我们在推进CancerQuest 2020方面取得了重大进展。首先,Helomics最近宣布与UPMC达成一项联合合作协议,研究使用人工智能改善卵巢癌患者的临床决策。

其次,具有Interpace Diagnostics的Helomics正在对Interpace现有的临床数据进行建模,以确定用于治疗惰性和侵袭性甲状腺癌的新药。接下来,Helomics与总部位于匹兹堡的公司签署了合作研究协议,该公司基于分子成像ChemImage,以更好地确定前列腺癌的疾病进展。

Helomics has also contracted to provide CRO and data analysis services to SpeciCare for a precision medicine trial. Finally, Helomics initiated collaboration with Viome to determine the role of gut microbiome in ovarian cancer. These are exciting times for us and we look to continue to build out these collaborations and relationships.
At this time, I would like to turn it over to Dr. Amelia Warner for a few comments as it relates to our market acceptance of our CancerQuest 2020. Amelia.

Helomics还签约为SpeciCare提供CRO和数据分析服务,以进行精准医学试验。 最后,Helomics开始与Viome合作,以确定肠道微生物组在卵巢癌中的作用。 这对我们来说是激动人心的时刻,我们希望继续建立这些合作和关系。

在这个时候,我想把它转交给Amelia Warner博士,因为它与我们对CancerQuest 2020的市场接受程度有关.Amelia。

Amelia Warner

Thanks Jerry. There's extreme interest in the field and I came on board more specifically because I was excited by the direction that Jerry and Mark had pivoted the focus of innovation here at Helomics towards.
We're currently evaluating several possible pharmaceutical partners at this time. And as we progress through the programs that Jerry just outlined, we intend to release interim milestones during the year for both investors to better understand our progress and learn about our initiative and how we're pivoting to the market. Bob?

谢谢杰瑞。 我对该领域非常感兴趣,因此我对Jerry和Mark在Helomics的创新重点转向的方向感到兴奋。

我们目前正在评估几个可能的制药合作伙伴。 随着我们逐步完成Jerry刚刚提出的计划,我们打算在年内发布临时里程碑,让投资者更好地了解我们的进展,了解我们的计划以及我们如何向市场转型。鲍勃?


Thanks Amelia. I am pleased to announce that we’ve restructured the STREAMWAY business for two reasons, first, to reduce the burn rate while we focus on CancerQuest 2020.
Second, as we progress our strategic discussions with industry players, we wanted to eliminate potential redundancy. Revenue for the quarter ended June 30, 2019 was $286,151, compared with $358,586 for the same period of 2018, a 20% decrease year-over-year.
Revenue includes the sale of 14 STREAMWAY systems and disposable supplies, 10 domestically and four internationally compared to 25 sales of the system in the comparable period of 2018.
Cost of sales was $118,000 in the second quarter of 2019, compared to $109,000 in Q2 2018. Gross profit margin declined to 59% versus 70% in the second quarters of 2019 and 2018 respectively.
Operating expenses for the quarter ended June 30, 2019 were $1,271,258 compared to $378,906 for the second quarter of 2018. General and accounting expenses were approximately $3,310,368, compared to approximately $729,528 during the same period of the previous year.
Sales and marketing expenses remained relatively consistent at $685,029, compared to $554,084 for the second quarter of 2018. Carl?

谢谢阿米莉亚。我很高兴地宣布,我们重组了STREAMWAY业务有两个原因,第一,我们专注于CancerQuest 2020时降低燃烧率。






Carl Schwartz

Thank you, Bob. I would like to turn – have the operator open this call for questions if you would please.

鲍勃,谢谢你。 我想转一下 - 让操作员打开这个电话询问你是否愿意。


Thank you. At this time we have allotted 30 minutes to address questions for participants. [Operator Instructions] Our first question comes from Jason Kolbert with Dawson James. Please go ahead.

谢谢。 目前,我们已经分配了30分钟来解决参与者的问题。 [操作员说明]我们的第一个问题来自Jason Kolbert和Dawson James。 请继续。


Hi, guys. Thanks for the quarterly review. Could you please take a few moments with me and just kind of walk me through what you see is the next catalyst, particularly on the AI diagnostic side. And then I want to go through a couple of the financial numbers, better understanding both the G&A expense and the sales and marketing expense in the quarter and how we should be looking at kind of the burn rate given the balance sheet of the company? Thank you.

嗨,大家好。 感谢您的季度审核。 你能不能请我花点时间和我一起走过你所看到的下一个催化剂,特别是在AI诊断方面。 然后我想了解一些财务数据,更好地了解本季度的G&A费用以及销售和营销费用,以及我们应该如何看待公司资产负债表中的燃烧率? 谢谢。

Carl Schwartz

Jerry, you want to answer the Helomics side.


Gerald Vardzel

Sure. So the next step of walking through is to leverage our assets to build the predictive tumor model. So, right now we are building the AI-driven multi-omic predictive models. And two things, that outcome in multi-omic data that we have from two collaborations, the Magee study and the U.K. project is really -- the focus right now to generate clinically actionable model. We'll continue to rapidly generate this multi-omic data going forward. So the next step for example would be the sequence approximately 400 banks of ovarian tumor samples that were sent by Magee. We'll continue to do that and reach back to the patients for consent additional data as we build out these predictive tumor models going forward. So it's monetizing the assets. These two collaborations and the one recently signed are the first step as we continue to validate the model going forward and we're excited about it. Hopefully, that addresses your question.

当然。 因此,下一步的步骤是利用我们的资产来构建预测性肿瘤模型。 所以,现在我们正在构建AI驱动的多原子预测模型。 我们从两个合作,Magee研究和英国项目中获得的多元数据中的两个结果确实是 - 现在关注的是生成临床可行的模型。 我们将继续快速生成这种多元数据。 因此,下一步的例子是由Magee发送的大约400组卵巢肿瘤样本的序列。 我们将继续这样做,并在我们逐步构建这些预测性肿瘤模型时,回复患者同意其他数据。 所以它正在通过资产货币化。 这两个合作和最近签署的合作是我们继续验证模型的第一步,我们对它感到兴奋。 希望,这可以解决您的问题。


Yes, very clear. Thank you. And so can you digress with me a little bit on the finances. Given the fact that you had a very high burn rate in the quarter, balance sheet is not as strong as I'm sure you'd like it to be. Help me understand kind of how things are going to unfold going forward? Thank you.

是的,很清楚。 谢谢。 所以你可以跟我一点关注财务状况。 鉴于本季度您的燃烧率非常高,资产负债表并不像我确定您希望的那样强劲。 帮助我了解事情将如何展开? 谢谢。

Carl Schwartz

Bob, do you want to take that.



Sure. I think when you look at the 10-Q that's recently been filed you'll notice that there's a lot of finances there in the expenses that are paper expenses and things that occur one time. We just went through a major acquisition with the merger with Helomics and there are some additional expenses there that are rather large. As we said, we began looking at our burn rate in order to remove redundancy to become more effective and more efficient. I think our balance sheet is certainly strong for a company coming off a merger and I think that you'll see improvement in the future.

当然。 我想当你看到最近提交的10-Q时,你会注意到那里的纸币费用和一次发生的事情有很多财务。 我们刚刚通过与Helomics的合并进行了一次重大收购,并且那里有一些相当大的额外费用。 正如我们所说,我们开始考虑我们的燃烧率,以便消除冗余,从而提高效率和效率。 我认为我们的资产负债表对于一家合并后的公司来说肯定是强势的,我认为您将来会看到改善。


Okay. Thanks. Good luck guys.

好的。 谢谢。 祝大家好运。

Carl Schwartz

Thank you.



Our next question comes from [Nicholas Guerrieri] [ph] who is a Private Investor. Please go ahead.

我们的下一个问题来自[Nicholas Guerrieri] [ph]谁是私人投资者。 请继续。


Hey, guys. Just want to thank you for the time for – about to answer my call here. Congrats on the progress of Helomics and it seems like there's a lot of activity there. But my question is more so focused on the STREAMWAY system. Last year you guys projected around 100 units you guys were going to sell and looks like you guys came up short only getting around 50 or so. The last six years it looks like you guys are [indiscernible] around 150 units sold and it seems like the focus is starting to drift away from STREAMWAY.
I don't know if you touched on this earlier, but what do you see as the barrier as to why you guys can reach meaningful sales in there? And what are some things you guys are looking to do differently in order to ramp sales in that department? Thanks.

大家好。 只是想感谢你的时间 - 即将在这里接听我的电话。 祝贺Helomics的进展,似乎那里有很多活动。 但我的问题更侧重于STREAMWAY系统。 去年,你们有人预计你们要卖掉大约100个单位,而你们看起来很短,只有大约50个左右。 在过去的六年里,看起来你们已经[音频不清晰]出售了大约150个单位,似乎重点已经开始偏离STREAMWAY。

我不知道你是否早些谈过这个问题,但是你认为你们为什么能够在那里达到有意义的销售额的障碍是什么? 为了提高该部门的销售额,你们想要采取哪些不同的做法? 谢谢。

Carl Schwartz

Well, this is Dr. Schwartz. We have pared back our burn rate at Skyline and we will continue to sell. But as we said earlier, we're looking at all our options for this company which would include as a standalone or as merging with someone else that could help us along, but that's what all I can say at the moment. But we understand your concerns. We have the same concerns.

好吧,这是Schwartz博士。 我们已经减少了Skyline的燃烧率,我们将继续销售。 但正如我们之前所说,我们正在考虑这家公司的所有选择,包括独立或与其他人合并,可以帮助我们,但这就是我现在所能说的。 但我们了解您的疑虑。 我们也有同样的担忧。


Okay. And just further going on that, I appreciate the answer. What did see specifically as the -- what's holding you back in selling those units?

好的。 再进一步,我很感激答案。 具体看到了什么 - 什么阻碍了你销售这些单位?

Carl Schwartz

Well, I don't want to get in too deep, but it’s always been a problem both -- we're sort of a one trick pony, so we just have the one product and sometimes it is very difficult to break down the barriers in the hospitals as they're put up by very large companies that sort of limit our penetration with these hospitals, but overseas is starting to pick up. So we're encouraged by that.

嗯,我不想太深入,但它总是一个问题 - 我们只是一个单一的小马,所以我们只有一个产品,有时很难打破障碍 在医院,因为它们是由非常大的公司提出的,这些公司限制了我们对这些医院的渗透,但海外开始复苏。 所以我们对此感到鼓舞。


Okay. And did you guys increase your number of salesmen, your sales force. Did you increase that or did you have some layoffs or what's the current standing on your sales force in terms of STREAMWAY?

好的。 你们有没有增加销售人员和销售人员的数量。 您是否增加了这个数量,或者您是否有一些裁员或者您的销售人员目前在STREAMWAY方面的立场是什么?

Carl Schwartz

I don't want to say much more STREAMWAY at the moment. This time we're doing a critical evaluation and we'll be back with you as soon as we can talk about it. But we understand your concerns and we have the same concerns.

我现在不想说更多的STREAMWAY。 这次我们正在进行一次批判性的评估,一旦我们谈论它,我们就会立即回复你。 但我们理解您的担忧,我们也有同样的担忧。


Okay. Thank you, guys. I really appreciate your time and good luck moving forward.

好的。 感谢你们。 我非常感谢你的时间和前进的好运。

Carl Schwartz




Our next question comes from [Indiscernible] who is a Private Investor. Please go ahead.

我们的下一个问题来自[Indiscernible]谁是私人投资者。 请继续。


Hey, guys. I wanted to dive in the path to profitability here with Helomics a little bit more. Last year when this first came about and you got 25%? You had talked about late last year, you'd be profitable and then that's slipped to March. Now where are we at? When do you think Helomics will be profitable? And what's holding us back?

大家好。 我想在这里与Helomics一起潜入盈利之路。 去年第一次出现时你得到了25%? 你去年年底曾谈到过,你有利可图,然后又下滑到三月。 现在我们在哪里? 您认为Helomics什么时候会盈利? 什么阻碍了我们?

Carl Schwartz

Jerry. Bob?



Yes. Carl, I think I'll that if you don't mind. This is Bob. Nothing is holding us back whatsoever. I think it would be foolish for me to tell you when we think would be profitable. What we're looking at right now with the milestones that we made and were listed in our call that are extremely important to the success of the business and will bring in revenue from that especially on the AI side and the CRO side. So, be a little bit patient, keep your eye on this, watch our announcements, but you'll see that, I think that over the course of the next six months it will be some good changes towards profit. But again I don't want to say that we'll be profitable in six months.

是。 卡尔,我想如果你不介意我会的。 这是鲍勃。 什么都没有阻止我们。 我认为当我们认为有利可图时告诉你是愚蠢的。 我们现在正在关注的是我们制定并在我们的电话会议中列出的里程碑,这些里程碑对业务的成功非常重要,并将带来收入,特别是在AI方面和CRO方面。 所以,要有点耐心,注意这一点,看看我们的公告,但你会看到,我认为在接下来的六个月里,它将是一些利润的好转变。 但我再次不想说我们将在六个月内盈利。


Okay. So that six months mark sounds great. Or we need to be over a dollar again in the next six months. Do you see that happening? What was our case to NASDAQ to actually get this last extension?

好的。 这六个月的标记听起来很棒。 或者我们需要在未来六个月再次超过1美元。 你看到那件事发生了吗? 我们向纳斯达克实际获得最后一次延期的情况是什么?


Well, we filed with NASDAQ for an extension and we did with -- everybody does, we presented the fact that we have a strong business strategy going forward that we had some successful collaborations and deals going with the UPMC and some other organizations. And we focus on the fact on where we're moving. So they gave us an extra six months and we had the time now for some of these things to bear fruit and have the stock price on its own core.

好吧,我们向NASDAQ申请延期,我们做了 - 每个人都这样做,我们提出了一个事实,即我们有一个强大的商业战略,我们与UPMC和其他一些组织进行了一些成功的合作和交易。 我们关注的是我们正在移动的地方。 所以他们给了我们额外六个月的时间,我们现在有时间让这些东西结出硕果,让股价靠自己的核心。


Okay. And then last question, database sequencing, so its my understanding it was not properly sequence for enriched data like to the extent that Roche foundations was for Roche. Where are we at with that and when do we expect to finish that deeper sequencing to monetize this database?

好的。 然后是最后一个问题,数据库测序,所以我的理解是它不是正确的序列,以丰富的数据,如罗氏基金会为罗氏。 我们在哪里,我们什么时候可以完成更深层次的排序,以便从这个数据库中获利?

Carl Schwartz

So, this is Carl. So in terms of the sequencing, you are correct, the initial sequencing data that was acquired by – again I think its part of clinical test is next generation sequencing. It looks that the targeted set of biomarkers, target set of genes. We expect to complete that sequencing assuming everything aligned appropriately. I would imagine by end of the year, the latest in terms of sequencing those Magee samples that we need to validate our first predictive AI-based model of ovarian cancer.
And we're also doing deeper sequencing and I don't to get too technical, but sequencing both mutations and gene expression. So we have a fuller picture of the sequencing and that sequence stage is more inline with what pharma customers expect us to have.

所以,这是卡尔。 因此,就测序而言,您是正确的,获得的初始测序数据 - 再次我认为其临床测试的一部分是下一代测序。 它看起来是有针对性的生物标记集,目标集基因。 我们希望在假设一切正确对齐的情况下完成测序。 我想在今年年底,最新的Magee样本测序,我们需要验证我们的第一个预测的基于AI的卵巢癌模型。

而且我们也在进行更深入的测序,我不会过于技术化,而是对突变和基因表达进行测序。 因此,我们可以更全面地了解测序,并且序列阶段更符合制药客户对我们的期望。


So with that, sequencing but us on par with foundation per say?


Carl Schwartz

That sequencing data together with the outcome data that we're getting from Magee would certainly allow us to build the model of ovarian cancer that would be in our opinion extremely valuable to pharma and eventually for use clinically.



What percentage of our tumor database is oncology?


Carl Schwartz




100%. Okay. And did we go in the 70-K in the bank? Did I miss that part, Bob?

100%。 好的。 我们是否进入银行的70-K? 鲍勃,我错过了那部分吗?


We have not discussed our cash at this point in time, but we certainly have a fair amount more at this point.



Okay. Can you tell us how much we have?

好的。 你能告诉我们我们有多少钱吗?


No, I'm not at liberty to discuss that.



Okay. All right. Thank you, gentlemen.

好的。 行。 先生们,谢谢你们。


Thank you.



This concludes our allotted time for question and answers and also Predictive Oncology's earnings conference call for today. Thank you for attending today's presentation. You may now disconnect.

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