How to Buy Your First Overseas Share via Tiger Brokers

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Reader's Message: Whether you want to invest in U.S. stocks or Hong Kong stocks, it is most important to maintain your own mentality. Especially in the US stock market and Hong Kong stock market, there is a set of mature financial markets, and the market encourages long-term holding instead of short-term speculation. Choose a good company, wait patiently, and be a friend of time. If you want to inquire about the opening of US stocks and Hong Kong stocks, or if you are interested in US stocks and Hong Kong stocks, you can add WeChat communication: xiaobei060537

In this article, I am going to guide you step-by-step on how to navigate and buy your first overseas shares, be it from the US, Singapore, or Hong Kong stock market.

For this, I am going to demonstrate the process using Tiger Brokers, a broker that I am personally using to invest in the overseas market (SG, US, HK etc). If you haven’t done it yet, definitely check out my Tiger Brokers review for more info on fees, user experience, and how to open and fund your account.

Planning to open an account? Click the button below to use my Tiger Brokers referral link, and get the following when you open a new account (promo ending on 21/5/2022)!

a. Account Registration

  • (i) 60 Commission-Free Trades in 365 Days + 5 Commission-Free Trades for Futures in 30 days
  • (ii) SGD5 stock voucher
  • (iii) 100 Tiger Coins which can be exchanged for various rewards within the app
  • (vi) FREE Reuters Market Research Videos for 30 days
  • (v) FREE Real-time Market Data

b. Account Opening rewards

1 FREE SoFi Share (added to your account in 10 business days upon account opening)

c. Account Funded (Initial Deposit of SGD2,000 or more)

Draw and get one free stock, valued between SGD25- SGD1,200. (Tesla, Apple, Pfizer, Twitter, AMC, 10 SGX shares)

For more information, check out these short tutorial videos posted by Tiger Brokers:

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Today you can sign tiger brokers with referral code: AUSTIGER

Today you can sign tiger brokers with referral code: AUSTIGER

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