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Reader's Message: Whether you want to invest in U.S. stocks or Hong Kong stocks, it is most important to maintain your own mentality. Especially in the US stock market and Hong Kong stock market, there is a set of mature financial markets, and the market encourages long-term holding instead of short-term speculation. Choose a good company, wait patiently, and be a friend of time. If you want to inquire about the opening of US stocks and Hong Kong stocks, or if you are interested in US stocks and Hong Kong stocks, you can add WeChat communication: xiaobei060537

For some investors, trading on the US stock market can seem intimidating. However, it’s easier than ever before and with some knowledge behind you and a few tips along the way, you may find that investing in stateside is not nearly as daunting as you once thought.

Investing overseas can provide a wide range of benefits such as higher returns and portfolio diversification. If you’re looking to get started in investing directly in the US, we share what you need to know. Alternatively, if you’re looking to invest in international ETFs, this guide is a good place to start.

Buy US stocks in 5 steps

Here are some tips that you can consider when trading in the US market. But, bear in mind that you should do your own research and make investment decisions based on your own personal circumstances.

  • 1.) Start small – Always make sure you manage your risks.
  • 2.) Understand USD – When investing in the US, you are trading in US dollars. Understand how that works for you.
  • 3.) Know your risk – Determine your own risk factors and where possible it may be good to set a limit order for buying or selling shares.
  • 4.) Research before deciding how and where to buy your shares – Although investing is generally universal, there are nuances that you should try to understand. For example, times that the market is open, trading rules, tax implications. Reading and speaking to others is a great way to get up to speed.
  • 5.) Seek advice – If you are unsure, always seek the advice of your professional advisers

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The Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) is the 16th largest in the world, with $1.44 trillion in total market cap, according to Wikipedia. Depending on the broker, Australians also have access to some of the largest exchanges in the world, such as the NASDAQ in the United States. Australian brokerages are regulated by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC).

In this guide, we will break down the best online brokers for Australians.

Are you interested in learning how to trade on the US stock market? If so, you're in the right place. In this article, we will explain how to trade the US stock market, what affects the price movement of US stocks and how you could start buying or selling on the US stock market today!

Trader vs investor

Firstly, you should determine why you want to invest in US stocks (also called shares or equities), and whether you’re an investor or a trader. Is this part of your long-term investment strategy or are you hoping to trade stocks on a regular basis?

Investors should be going for a broker with low fees, tight FX margins (aka the fees you pay when you convert AUD to USD), and ideally no account fees.

Traders might not care as much about fees – but they should still be very careful with the broker they choose. Some brokers, like IB, have account fees and a range of assorted fees and costs. Traders might also pay for premium features like the ability to trade on unsettled funds and analyst buy/sell/hold ratings.

You should find some rigorous, independent research to learn if day trading is all it stacks up to be (hint: it might not be what you think it is).

What is the US stock market?

The first step in learning how to trade on the US stock market is understanding what it is.

The US stock market is essentially an auction place where investors buy and sell shares of publicly listed companies. A stock market is controlled and regulated by a stock exchange. But what is the US stock market called?

The US stock market is run by two of the world's largest stock exchanges - the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq Stock Exchange. They help to facilitate all the buying and selling of shares in publicly listed companies like Amazon, McDonald's, Nike, Wal-Mart and more.

The total value of the US stock market fluctuates every day depending on how much buying and selling is happening. According to the Intercontinental Exchange, which bought the New York Stock Exchange in 2013, the total value of the US stock market in the New York Stock Exchange on 31 January 2018 was over $30 trillion.

This has been calculated by using US stock market data from all of the thousands of companies listed on the exchange.

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Tiger’s platform enables investors to access securities including equities, ETFs, options, futures and funds on multiple global markets including Nasdaq, New York Stock Exchange, Hong Kong Stock Exchange as well as A shares which are tradeable under Shanghai­-Hong Kong Stock Connect and Shenzhen-­Hong Kong Stock Connect programs.

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1. How to open an account?

(1) Tiger Trade App> Open Account. Then follow instructions to open a Tiger Account.

(2) Official Website > Open Account. Then follow instructions to open a Tiger Account.

  1. Procedures General Steps: Register Online > Complete Information > Pending Approval

(1) or Tiger Trade > Click "Open Account"

(2) Complete required information

(3) Account application submitted successfully


  1. How long does it take to open a Tiger Account?

→ The account will be opened within 1 to 3 hours after the account opening application is submitted. However, it may require more time for certain cases.

  1. How can I know whether my account has been successfully opened?

→ After your account has been successfully opened, you will receive an SMS notification. Alternatively, you may log in to Tiger Brokers' official website to check your account opening status.

  1. What will happen if I do not trade after successfully opening an account?

→ Your account will still be valid.

  1. What is W-8Ben form?

→ Filling in the W-8 Form is a requirement by the US Inland Revenue Service for account holders to declare that the beneficiary owner of the amount received from US sources is not of US origin. For clients who want to trade the U.S. markets, they will need to complete this form. The form will remain in effect for a period starting on the date the form is signed and submitted and ending on the last day of the third succeeding calendar year. If a change in circumstances makes any information on the form incorrect, you must re-submit the appropriate form within 30 days of the change in circumstances.

What You Need To Provide – Application

You will need to provide the following information:

  • Full Name;
  • Current Residential Address;
  • Date of Birth;
  • Citizenship;
  • Details of Tax Residency;
  • Passport or Identity Card Number;
  • Employer’s name and address;
  • Details of assets and income;
  • Investment objectives and experience

account type

Cash Account

Cash Account only allows trading stocks with cash. Margin trading and short selling are unavailable. There is no limit on the number or frequency of T+0 trades.

Age Requirement

This account can NOT be opened for children under 18.


  1. Can I trade on margin or do I have to trade in cash

Only Trading in cash is available with Tiger Brokers.

  1. Cash Trading
  2. 2-1. deposit AUD or USD, then trade in the corresponding market(s) using the deposited cash; or
  3. 2-2. deposit AUD or USD and do the currency exchange on Tiger Trade, then trade using cash

Notes on 2-2: The settlement date of currency exchange is T+2. You may refer to the following tips based on the rules made by Exchanges:

  • 1) Immediately after the currency exchange, you may use cash to trade products of which the settlement date is T+2 (e.g. US stocks).
  • 2) 1 trading day after the currency exchange, you may use cash to trade products of which the settlement date is T+1 (e.g. US stock options).
  • 3) 2 trading days after the currency exchange, you may withdrawing the cash.

For more information, check out these short tutorial videos posted by Tiger Brokers:

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