Imax Corp

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IMAX Corporation, together with its subsidiaries, operates as an entertainment technology company that specializes in motion picture technologies and presentations worldwide. It offers cinematic solution comprising proprietary software, theater architecture, and equipment. The company engages in Digital Re-Mastering (DMR) of films into the IMAX format for exhibition in the IMAX theater network; the provision of IMAX premium theater systems to exhibitor customers through sales, long-term leases, or joint revenue sharing arrangements; the distribution of documentary films; the provision of production technical support and film post-production services; the ownership and operation of IMAX theaters; and the provision of camera and other miscellaneous items rental services. It also designs, manufactures, installs, sells, or leases IMAX theater projection system equipment; maintains IMAX theater projection system equipment in the IMAX theater network; distributes and licenses original content investment, VR, IMAX home entertainment, and others; and sells or leases its theater systems to theme parks, private home theaters, tourist destination sites, fairs, and expositions, as well as engages in the after-market sale of projection system parts and 3D glasses. The company markets its theater systems through a direct sales force and marketing staff. It owns or otherwise has rights to trademarks and trade names, which include IMAX, IMAX Dome, IMAX 3D, IMAX 3D Dome, Experience It in IMAX, The IMAX Experience, An IMAX Experience, An IMAX 3DExperience, IMAX DMR, DMR, IMAX nXos, IMAX think big, think big, and IMAX Is Believing, as well as the service mark IMAX THEATRETM. As of December 31, 2017, the company's IMAX theater network cover 1,370 theater systems comprising 1,272 commercial multiplex, 12 commercial destinations, and 86 institutional customers. IMAX Corporation was founded in 1967 and is headquartered in Mississauga, Canada.


市值 12.0亿 市盈率 34.7
当前价 18.77 目标价 26.96
ROI 4.20% ROE 4.90%
ROA 3.00% RSI 34.41
市盈率 = 股价/年度每股收益:
  • <0 :指该公司盈利为负(计算市盈率没有意义,一般显示为“—”)
  • 0-13 :即价值被低估(一般传统行业 或者周期性行业的股票都比较低 比如美光科技)
  • 14-20:即正常水平
  • 21-28:即价值被高估
  • 28+ :反映股市出现投机性泡沫
市净率 = 总市值/所有者权益:

一般市净率较低的股票, 投资价值较高

资产收益率(ROA) = 净利润/总资产:

该指标越高 表示公司资产利用效果越好

净资产收益率(ROE) = 净利润/总股东权益:

该指标越高 表示投资带来的收益越高

Imax Corp 公司 评级升降级

日期 机构 评级 目标价
18-04-27 The Benchmark Company 升级 持有 → 购买 $28
18-02-28 B. Riley FBR, Inc. 重申 购买 $35 → $37.75
18-02-28 ROTH Capital 降级 购买 → 中立
18-02-20 JP Morgan 强烈建议 $28
18-01-10 Piper Jaffray 降级 强烈建议 → 中立 $28 → $21
17-10-30 Barrington Research 升级 Mkt Perform → 跑赢市场 $32
17-10-27 JP Morgan 升级 中立 → 强烈建议
17-07-12 Barrington Research 降级 跑赢市场 → Mkt Perform
17-06-07 The Benchmark Company 降级 购买 → 持有
17-04-21 Wedbush 重申 跑赢市场 $41.50 → $39
17-02-01 Credit Suisse 降级 跑赢市场 → 中立
16-11-11 Credit Suisse 跑赢市场
16-04-22 MKM Partners 重申 购买 $39 → $40
16-02-22 Wedbush 升级 中立 → 跑赢市场 $38
16-02-22 MKM Partners 重申 购买 $44 → $39
15-11-20 Goldman 中立 $39
15-10-29 Stifel 重申 购买 $40 → $45
15-10-16 Dougherty & Company 重申 购买 $52 → $50
15-09-09 Stifel 重申 购买 $45 → $40
15-09-09 MKM Partners 重申 购买 $50 → $40



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