CommScope Holding Company Inc.

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CommScope Holding Company, Inc. provides infrastructure solutions for communications networks worldwide. The company's CommScope Connectivity Solutions segment offers optical fiber and twisted pair structured cable solutions, intelligent infrastructure software, and network rack and cabinet enclosures under the SYSTIMAX, NETCONNECT, and Uniprise brands; and fiber management systems, patch cords and panels, pre-terminated fiber connectivity, complete cabling systems, and cable assemblies for use in offices and data centers. This segment also provides fiber optic connectivity solutions, including hardened connector systems, fiber distribution hubs and management systems, couplers and splitters, plug and play multiport service terminals, hardened optical terminating enclosures, high density cable assemblies, splices, and splice closures that supports video, voice, and high-speed data services provided by telecommunications operators and multi-system operators. Its CommScope Mobility Solutions segment offers macro cell site solutions for wireless tower sites and on rooftops, such as base station antennas, microwave antennas, hybrid fiber-feeder and power cables, coaxial cables, connectors, and filters; metro cell solutions for street poles and other urban structures comprising radio frequency delivery and connectivity solutions, equipment housing, and concealment; and small cell and distributed antenna system (DAS) solutions consisting of DAS and distributed cell solutions that allow wireless operators to enhance efficiency, and cellular coverage and capacity in network conditions. This segment provides its solutions under the Andrew brand. CommScope Holding Company, Inc. sells its products through a network of distributors, system integrators, and resellers. The company was formerly known as Cedar I Holding Company, Inc. CommScope Holding Company, Inc. was founded in 1976 and is headquartered in Hickory, North Carolina.


市值 35.099999999999994亿 市盈率 14.72
当前价 17.97 目标价 27.97
ROI 8.00% ROE 12.70%
ROA 3.10% RSI 21.60
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  • <0 :指该公司盈利为负(计算市盈率没有意义,一般显示为“—”)
  • 0-13 :即价值被低估(一般传统行业 或者周期性行业的股票都比较低 比如美光科技)
  • 14-20:即正常水平
  • 21-28:即价值被高估
  • 28+ :反映股市出现投机性泡沫
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CommScope Holding Company Inc. 公司 评级升降级

日期 机构 评级 目标价
18-11-26 Jefferies 升级 持有 → 购买
18-11-08 Raymond James 升级 Mkt Perform → 跑赢市场
18-10-09 Goldman 降级 购买 → 中立
18-10-05 Nomura 降级 购买 → 中立
18-10-04 Cross Research 升级 持有 → 购买
18-08-06 Jefferies 降级 购买 → 持有
18-06-20 Rosenblatt 启动 中立
18-05-10 Credit Suisse 启动 中立 $31
18-05-03 JP Morgan 启动 中立
18-05-02 Northland Capital 升级 Market Perform → 跑赢市场
18-04-30 Morgan Stanley 降级 强烈建议 → Equal-Weight
18-02-14 Barclays 升级 Equal Weight → 强烈建议 $42 → $43
18-01-26 Longbow 升级 中立 → 购买
17-08-17 Morgan Stanley 升级 Equal-Weight → 强烈建议
17-08-04 Cross Research 降级 购买 → 持有
17-08-04 Longbow 降级 购买 → 中立
17-05-25 Instinet 启动 购买 $45
17-04-12 Barclays 重申 强烈建议 $42 → $47
17-01-17 Raymond James 降级 跑赢市场 → Mkt Perform
16-12-20 Citigroup 启动 购买



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